Film Screening Saturday 29th December 2018, at Camerhogne Park. Event starts 3PM, Screening starts after sunset. FREE ADMISSION


Set in 18th century Jamaica, an escaped slave tries to free his pregnant sister from McNab’s cane plantation. They are forced to separate when they are attacked by guardsmen. Abeeku must find the freedom fighters called the Maroons to help him find and rescue his sister once again.

SALTY DOG   [25:00 mins]

Writer & Director: Oliver Milne from Trinidad and Tobago
“When the rug is pulled from under his feet, a savvy old salt, must navigate the stormy waters of his relationship with his estranged son.”.

SORF HAIR   [24:00 mins]

People with kinky/curly hair have been the butt of every hair joke worldwide for centuries. From name calling, discrimination across all platforms, lost opportunities and more, these issues tend to take a toll on the lives of naturals around the globe. Sorf Hair explores the natural hair experience in Trinidad and Tobago as several people from all walks of life and different hair textures unearth their stories, challenges, and give their point of view on how and why naturals are treated the way they are in the space.

Local Film

REPTILIAN KILLERS – 3 Episodes [10 mins]

3 Episodes – Directed by Nicholas McMillan 2018



Directed by Mariel Brown


ONE GOOD DEED [11:35 mins]

Directed by Juliette McCawley

10 year old Johnny is a bright but naughty boy living in a small country village in Trinidad. From terrorizing his brother to stealing mangoes from the neighbors, he causes no end of trouble for his mother. Left alone to look after his brother one day, Johnny’s true nature is revealed when he encounters some Douens – mischievous spirits of children that haunt the forest.


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