Film Screening Friday 28th December 2018, at Camerhogne Park. Event starts 3PM, Screening starts after sunset. FREE ADMISSION

ARIANE’S SKY   [03:32 mins]

An Animated short film by ISART Digital Montreal students
Ariane, a space engineer and a passionate astronomer who is convinced of an imminent asteroid impact with planet Earth, but without support from her boss, she decides to try and save the world herself. Can she do it alone?

3 CLOVES OF GARLIC   [19:00 mins]

Directed by Naomi Abiola and David Omwange

Hatshepsut migrates to Canada bringing her three children with her. She is an Orisha Practitioner who still lives her life seeking guidance from her Ancestors, part of this practice, suggests the carrying of three cloves of garlic on your person for protection, however, the children are beginning to rebel against their mother and her beliefs.

BACK TO NATURAL   [68 mins]

Directed by Dr Gillian Scott-Ward
A documentary film that reveals the shocking truth about hair, politics, and racial identity in Black communities and beyond. Filmed in New York City, Philadelphia, Paris, And Cape Town, this documentary explores universal aspects of the Black experience and the “New” Natural Hair movement.

DAVID’S STORY  [47 mins]

Directed by Samuel Ogilvie, Francis Urias Peters and Neila Ettienne


Directed By Kevin Dolland.
Carey and Cassie are siblings from the Caribbean who love to go on adventures! Join them as they explore track & field, sailing, gymnastics and other sports with some very special people!

GRENADA: Colonialism & Conflict ***FEATURE FILM***   [45 mins]

Directed by Valerie Scoon
This documentary chronicles the philosophical and sometimes bloody struggles Grenadians have waged against colonialism and its long-lasting psychological influences. History tells the tale: even as Grenadian leaders have struck blows at colonialism, they have at times employed the tools of oppression taught to them by their colonial masters. 

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Three (3) FREE afternoons of entertainment and films. Enjoy live band performances and DJ music. Enjoy tasty treats from local vendors. Lots of local Arts and Craft.
Thursday 27 December – 5PM
Friday & Saturday, 28 – 29 December – 3PM

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