Grenada Festival Is Here!! 27-29th December, 2018

Grenada will host its second Film Festival, expected to take place on 27-29th December,  2018 – an opportunity to boost our tourism, as well as develop talents in the film production sector.

Grenada first revealed its plans to host its first Film Festival back at a press conference held on Monday, 7 March 2016 at the Grenada Trade Centre Annex by Mr. Chuck Boller, former head of the Hawaii International Film Festival. Mr. Boller made reference to Hawaii’s successes in its film festival for over 35 years, and it also serves as an avenue for filmmakers seeking funding and other resources to bring their work to life.

The Festival is expected to start off small and then “grow smartly”. Boller also stated that this would be a great outlet for local filmmakers to showcase their talent. People all over are looking for new stories to portray on the international stage, and it is an excellent opportunity for our local people to get the recognition they deserve.

The Film Festival will also encourage Hollywood filmmakers, among other people, to venture to Grenada. Hotels, restaurants and other aspects of the economy directly or indirectly connected to tourism will therefore reap the benefits.

The festival is anticipated to last 3 days to allow enough time for all the activities. It is a FREE event open to everyone. It mainly targets young people because of their creativity. Local filmmakers and contributors are encouraged to start thinking about signing up for the opportunity.

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