Grenada Global Film Festival

May 19 - 24, 2017


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5 Days of Film Goodness

Part of the mission of the The Grenada Global Film Festival is to showcase diverse films and create programs that will entertain, enrich and empower audiences and filmmakers. Throughout the five days of the festival, we will offer workshops by filmmakers, run a series of community-based screenings and promote filmmaking in Grenada. We also want to highlight our island as a destination for film shooting and production,and show Grenada as a place that offers more than sun, sea and sand. 

One of the missions of the Grenada Global Film Festival is to advance and understanding of the Grenadian people and their culture through the moving image. Grenada is blessed with a rich and textured history the Grenada Global Film Festival is committed to increasing visibility and recognition of not just our culture and history, but the people of the Diaspora and our collective contribution to the world.

Genres Everyone Can Appreciate

From movie classics like Islands in the Sun to documentaries like The House on Coco Road and  science fiction horror films like the Deep Blue Sea, the Grenada Global Film Festival has something for every movie enthusiast. Stop by our film schedule page to see what's showing and when, volunteer or stay connected with us by getting on our mailing list or following us on social media. If you're a filmmaker and would like to register to participate, have your film featured or would like to submit a film for our consideration, please do so before March 30, 2017. 


Film Reviews

  • Queen of Katwe is a story about hope—and about the courage, determination and skill that goes hand-in-hand with that hope. Phiona dared hope, despite the despair piled around her. And in so doing (and because she's a really good chess player), she gave hope to her entire community. That's a pretty great message. And it makes for a pretty good movie.

    Paul Assay PluggedIn
  • This (The House on Coco Road) is a ‘Must Be Seen By Everyone’ kind of film, which screams out that there is a "Personal need to work for a better world". That the way things are is "Not the way things are supposed to be". It is a strong insistence that there be a "Migration to a Vision!"

    Errol Ross Brewster Guyana Graphic


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